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Abhorred - Wallowing In Utter Chaos
Adolf Satan - S/T
American Music Presents Vol 1
Anoxia - Intense Killings
As long As we're all living, we're all dying - 7"
Automata - Through The Bandage Seeps A Whisper
Between the Buried and Me - sampler
Birthrites - s/t
Bongzilla - Amerijuanican
Club Drifters - oh Death Where is Thy Sting?
cryptic warning - sanity's aberration
Deadeyesunder - single
Death Before Dishonor - Friends, Family, Forever
Devil in the Kitchen
Diecast - tearing down your blue skies
Dissector - zombies ate my neighbors
Embalmer - 13 faces
Extinction Agenda - the grace defile
For the Worse "BLood Guts Going Nuts" LP
For the Worse "Blood, Guts, Going Nuts" CD
Frozen - enemy soil
Full Blown Chaos - Hostility
Goreality/clitorture split
Grimlock - Crusher
GUT - Shrubbery
In Dire Need - Lost at Sea
Inflicted - as the hours melt away
Inheritance - Deamonium
Invocation of Nehek
Kylesa Vinyl
Let it Die - s/t
Leukorrhea - breeding salvation
Most Precious Blood - Our Lady of Annihilation
Municipal Waste - the Art of Partying (LP)
Noosebomb-cwaf split
Raise the Red Lantern - thunder fuck
Ramming Speed - Brainwreck
Shadows Fall - the art of Balance
Sin of Angels - from the ashes
Since the - Valor And Vengeance
Taste of Silver-800 mountains,800messages
Taste of Silver/Raising Kubrick split
Terror - Always The Hard Way
the Carrier 7"
the_network - THIS IS YOUR PIG
Trust in Few - Shit List
Wasteform - Ignorance Through Sovereignty
Watchmacker/Hirudinea Split


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